We know what little babies need. Therefore, as a Polish manufacturer of babies’ and children’s clothes, we use only materials of the highest quality

Manufacturing of clothes for infants and little babies requires utmost precision. The stitching must be ideal so that the clothes will not irritate the little one’s skin. Thus, our babies' garments and products manufacturing site Halux II is equipped with a modern machinery park and employ specialists only with long-term experience. During our our production, we make use of the best grades of 100% cotton fabrics from local, Łódź-based knitting plants. Concerned about the safety of our youngest Clients, we make all accessories, fastenings and other articles for infants out of materials that will not threaten their life or health in any way.

baby clothes manufacturer


children's clothes manufacturer


children's clothes manufacturer


Polish children's clothing


baby clothes manufacturer


children's clothes manufacturer


children's clothes manufacturer


Polish children's clothing


baby clothes manufacturer


children's clothes manufacturer


children's clothes manufacturer


We are a company open towards negotiations and new forms of co-operation. Therefore, we conduct our sales in both Poland and abroad.

We focus on partnership relations, hence we approach each contractor individually. If you are interested in establishing co-operation – please contact us.

Polish children's clothing
producent odzieży niemowlęcej dobrej jakości

What does an infant need in the very first days and what will be needed after leaving the hospital?

Which toddler articles are useful? What size of clothes to choose and what ought to be known about the clothes themselves? It is worth knowing answers to such questions. Please visit our advices and be prepared.

MANUFACTURER of garments for little ones

Collection Chiquillo

Address: Zbrowskiego Street 96/98 Radom 26-600
Phone number: +48 (48) 385 86 60 | +48 512 382 432
E-mail:  halux2_radom@onet.pl

Open:Monday – Friday: 07.00 – 16.00 
Saturday - Sunday: after scheduling by the phone

Customers’ Reviews

  • “Dresses, playsuits, caftans, shapewear, rompers and blouses. I love them all. I have not seen such solid finishing devoid of stitching that might irritate the baby, made out of delicate, but durable material. I would recommend to every young mom.”

    Agnieszka O.

  • “Antoś has instantly taken to his new rompers that I ordered in Halux. His crying ceased, he now sleeps calmly through the night and has better appetite. I have already ordered further ones, and not only rompers – I order a whole wardrobe :)”

    Monika E.

  • “My friend, who ordered several ensembles of clothes for her daughter, recommended them also for my little son. Previously, I did not see any difference between one company and another, but when Olek put on his crawlers from Halux, we both fell in love in them and will not exchange them for any other””

    Aleksandra I.

  • “I am glad that I can both support Polish business and bring joy to my child, who has instantly taken into garments from HaluxII. I will dress each and every of my future children here :)””

    Izabela K.

  • “My friend gave birth 2 months ago. For a long time I could not decide what gift to buy for such a little one. They already have numerous teddy bears and another bed carousel would be of no use either. I decided to buy an ensemble of rompers, crawlers and caftans – this hit the bull’s eye. The young mom and her beautiful little daughter are delighted”

    Mariola T.

  • “R-E-V-E-L-A-T-I-O-N! I highly recommend each and every ensemble. My little one is satisfied and, as a result, so am I!”

    Sandra Z.